Monday, March 5, 2012

Gettin' While The Gettin' Is Good!

Next week is one of those special weeks that reminds us of how much richness goes down in our home space. Three top-notched acts utilizing very different approaches are descending upon the East Bay and considering the recent activity along the Hayward Fault. I'm gonna get me some goodness while I can!
March 13th-18th, The Alvin Ailey Dance Company re-invades The Zellerbach to give its annual reminder of who really put modern dance on the map. Ailey once said, "I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people." After 50 years of blowin' minds, the company is showing no signs of pulling back from Alvin's mission.

During this run, three new pieces will be making their Bay Area premiers: Home, Arden Court, and Takadame. Also included are theclassics Minus 16 (set to music ranging from Dean Martin to mambo, to techno, and traditional Isreali music), Ulysses Dove, and the powerful Ailey signature piece, Revelations.

I am not a dance aficionado. Frankly, I pulled most of this from the Internet after my girl informed me she had tickets for Thursday night. Don't get me wrong, I have seen the troupe perform and have loved the spectacle, power and passion these great artists channel. And they are simply breathtaking. I just learned my lesson to be prepared after rolling out to see the Bill T. Jones Dance Company @ The Z recently without checking them out online first. I enjoyed the show, but it was some weird shit! Thanks to Aliyah E. for giving me a text heads-up while I was waiting for the show to start.

Bonus Question: What could be better than seeing finely tuned bodies flying around the stage? See for yourself...

Can't Knock The Hustle
Later the same night I will be droppin' in on another guilty pleasure: A rare small venue performance by the Godfather of Bay Area Hip Hop, motherf*****n' Too Short! Short Dog will be burnin' down The New Parish for a rare Oakland performance. Like Ailey, the idea of seeing a TRUE rhyming legend (2008 VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors Inductee) in a small hometown venue is too irresistible to pass on. Too Short's legendary rise and continued relevance in the world of hip hop is to be appreciated for his sheer drive alone.
I'm a little torn about this show. Being real: Short's music denigrates women and glorifies the "pimp game". I'm not a pimp, never pretended to be a pimp, nor do I condone pimpin'. In a evolved society, the idea of taking advantage of the weakness in others is atrocious and intolerable. The reality is that these things happen and pretending they don't is weak and short-sighted. Short's stories are based in fact. The realities of the streets and the bravado required to survive "the game" are legitimate. I would argue that Too Short's simple truth-laden narratives have saved more lives by raising awareness to the pitfalls of the streets than have been ruined by any perceived glorification on his part. In this instance, the truth is definitely "the light". Ok. I'll admit that I wouldn't ask Short to council 8th graders.

Too real? Too funky? Definitely always, Too Short! That sounds (and smells) like Oakland to me!

Heir Apparent?
Recently there has been a controversy brewing over the word "jazz". Some highly trained and educated musicians see the word as derogatory and no longer adequate to describe a music form that saw its heyday end in 1959. They see the word jazz as a mere "label", a brand if you will, to be used to simplify the art form created by the descendants and sojourners of the African Diaspora. They even imply that a decrease in attendance by black audience members is further evidence of the watering-down of this true African American art form. Anybody seen The Blues lately? Remind me to contact TVONE's "Find Our Missing".

Which brings me to my next sure thing for this week: The Robert Glasper Experience.
The Houston-based jazz pianist brings his super hot quartet to The New Parish on Saturday March 17th to perform music from their recently released CD entitled "Black Radio". The internet has been on fire since its issue on February 28th-live jazz playing mixed with Black Radio Superstars. What distinguishes this album from other collaboration-based mash-ups is its use of of jazz as a soul, R & B, and hip hop showcase.

The "album" opens with a intro track thats part hip-hop microphone check, part classical music tuning, and part artist introduction all rolled into one. Right out of the gate Glasper lets us know that he and his crew are about to bring it! Fellow Houstonite, Erykah Badu is fun, warm, and jazzy as usual. Lupe Fiasco dreams "I hope to see these gangstas actin' like teachers/Wake up out there sleep dare to dream in a world so Martin Luther King-less". (Where the REAL OG mentors at?) Lalah Hathaway uses Sade's ponytail to mop up "Cherish The Day". LA-based KING made my heart flutter (yeah flutter) with silky-smooth vocals. If you don't know about KING, get ready for those ladies-they are on the verge. Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michelle create a instant vintage soul classic. Mint Condition front man Stokely Williams finally sings a tune that enables use of his complex range and showcases his abstract side. The Bay's Grammy nominated vocal firestorm known as Ledisi kills (as she always does) on "Gonna Be Alright". Take special note to listen to the players converse about the record biz on last 1:34 of that track. My main man Bilal seals his position as the voice of masculine sensitivity and complexity on the Bowie poem "Letter To Hermione". Glasper even Muzaq-ifies Nirvana's classic grunge rock hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and makes it Stevie Wonder cool.

While I may not be qualified to speak on the sociological impact of the use of the "j" word, I am qualified to tell you that this album is simply dope! Who knows where jazz will end up. Is it up to the public to demand more, the musicians to raise the bar higher or music business "big wigs" to quit forcing their opinions on us? I feel confident that Robert Glasper is doing his part to extend jazz's metamorphesis in a direction never anticipated by the ancestors. This is a beautiful surprise and a bonafide tribute to those artist who have used music to rise out of despair, pain, and mistreatment. Any argument questioning who jazz belongs to should end right here!

Thanks to The Z-List for sharing this free download. Enjoy!

Oakland Stand Up!

Mr. Oakland

For tickets to see The Alvin Ailey Dance Company, visit

For tickets to see Too Short and The Robert Glasper Experience featuring Bilal, visit

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yeah I’m Back @ It
After almost a year, I’m back on The Grind Oakland. It’s not that I left. I’ve just been struggling with life (like everyone else) and the state of things in The Town. Frankly, I have been fighting avoid talking about the same ole complaints everyone else has been on: The Economy. Occupy Oakland. Mayoral Recall. A ruptured Achilles tendon. All that has combined to make me a little less than motivated to write about the bright side of Oak City.

In all honesty, I started Mr. Oakland with the intent to talk about all that is good in our city. Being the eternal optimist and virtual cheerleader is tough because…can I be frank? There are some pretty shitty things happening around here. So with this first re-entry of 2012, I am committed to showing a balanced yet biased approach to the city I dig the most.
Without creating a long (dirty) laundry list of crap, I have penned a short parable. Parables worked for Jesus. Maybe it will work for Mr. Oakland

Once Upon A Time…
Think of The Bay as a family and each city as a sibling. Oakland is the second kid. Not a baby, but not an adult yet. A teenager. Work with me damn it!!!

Oakland is angry all the time. Oakland is especially pissed off during family functions because Oakland is not allowed to sit at the adult table for family dinners. Not because Oakland isn’t beautiful, smart, unique, witty, and fun, but because Oakland’s behavior is unpredictable. Pants hangin’ low, smelling like a grape-berry blunt, talkin’ loud, and over all just plain (self) disrespectful! Oakland is immature, operating below its potential, lacking self-esteem, and unpredictable.. Actually, Oakland’s unpredictability makes Oakland pretty predictable.

The adults are completely frustrated by Oakland’s inability to measure up to its big sister Fran. She’s beautiful, popular, well loved, and always being put up in Oakland’s face as “Everyone’s Favorite” even though she lacks diversity (Fran is actually pretty beige). Oakland tries to not be bothered by this and is actually pretty well grounded in its contrasting edginess and street credibility. Sometimes it's too much and Oakland can often be heard mumbling, “F*** Fran!” “What’s so special about that b**** anyway?”

Deep down inside, though, Oakland knows what’s up, and is fearful of the inherit pain involved with change. Oakland wants love, but refuses to accept the fact that there is mad love available. All Oakland must do is embrace its worthiness and step into its own greatness. Because Oakland is the Heart O the Bay, her greatness is in many ways more relevant, and more accessible than Fran’s.
Don’t try to act like you didn’t get it. Ya mean?

Why Whitney SHOULD Matter To Oakland
I got the chance to see Whitney Houston in the late summer of 1985. She was opening for soul singer Jeffrey Osborne @ The Concord Pavilion. The show was important to me only because Osborne was “my boy” from back in his LTD days: A known entity. It was a weeknight show and I arrived early to get a good lawn seat and a good parking spot. I had to dip out so I could get to work in the AM. Whitney Houston was just an after thought: A no-name with a really good first album and unworthy of further consideration.

When she sang “There’s a boy, I know…” I knew and I was done. We all knew. We all heard it. We all saw it. We all felt it. She raised the energy level so high that the headliner dude never had a chance. Who was this child reaching inside every person within earshot? I was hooked and I knew why.

She represented the style of girl I loved. She was Brown and chocolaty. Had a brilliant smile and wore a TWA (teenie weenie afro). A PERFECT example of just plain ole “Black Girl Hotness”! I knew because she was like all the girls I grew up with: The beautiful Black girls from the neighborhood, from school, from church, and from 14th & Broadway. My “Oakland Girl” from New Jersey. You know?
Even as she struggled very publicly in her relationship with her dad, her man, her family, and her drug use my love for Whitney never waned. Yeah, I laughed at the jokes, but in retrospect I now know that I
laughed to hide the pain I felt for her. The identical pain I feel for my Oakland sisters, ‘aintees’, cousins, mothers, and wives embroiiled in the same battles.

Whitney’s troubles are our troubles. We see her in the faces of so many people of all walks of life, shades, and colors in Oakland that sometimes we become numb. Sometimes we even laugh to cover our pain. Sometimes we are cruel. Sometimes we just give up and become indifferent. We are all affected daily by this “blurred self-image” of The Town and it takes a heavy toll on the entire community.

We loved Whitney when she was young and beautiful, As “drug addict” we viewed her life as entertainment and derided her. She’s gone now, and we only remember the beauty and we love her again. We loved our Oakland Girl back in the day. How many more do we have to lose before we love HER again?

MISSSEY: A Good Place To Start
Shout out to Nola Brantley, co-founder and the current Executive Director of OAKLAND-BASED MISSSEY for being named one of ABC 7’s African American Salutes honorees. MISSSEY holistically addresses the specific needs of sexually exploited youth through advocacy, inner transformation, and empowerment.

Congratulations Nola and the MISSSEY crew fo whatcha do!

Click on the link to learn more about this fantastic organization and to contribute to the cause.

Oakland Stand Up!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rawk and Roll & The Depths of House

Fallin' In Love All Over Again
I love Oakland and The East Bay because we embody "openness" and "inclusion" on every level. The perfect laboratory for all that is possible. No pigeon-holes allowed! Some home girls and a house head transplant from the East Coast are making THIS Friday night mighty musically tasty. Read on!

Why She Gotta Rawk Like That?
Last May, DJ Oliver invited a few friends over to celebrate his new digs-some 20+ musicians, vocalists, performers, DJs. You know? Just a little party. One of the performers was a local rapper/vocalist named Holly Saucy. I remember Holly because she was focused. So focused that she killed it in spite of a technical problem. Professional and polished. All I could think was, "Finally!" and I looked forward to an opportunity to see her do her thing again. So I was excited to hear about her new show Damn She Rawks premiering this Friday at the Shattuck Down Low.

What excited me was a featured artists list that included Saucy, Punk Funk Mob, and legendary Bay Area DJ queen Pam The Funkstress. Ok. Saw PFM last year for the first time as well (BTW they ripped it as well) and I have always wanted to hear Pam spin, but on the same bill? Did I mention that Jessica Holter (Punanny Poets) will MC? Now thats something. I had to call Olaywa Austin, founder of Town Logic Media Group and the shows promoter for the real.

A "No Poser" Show
Damn She Rawks came from a concept that Saucy and Austin devised as a way to shed light on hometown rock sheroes. "DSR is a collective of very talented ethnic women rockers", Olaywa continues, "the artists most often left out of rock music discussions." A seasoned MC, Holly is a seasoned stage vet. "Holly has performed around the world", Austin warns. "She has built strong relationships with other brown lady performers." The plan? Pick up local stars from around the globe as headliners and have the ladies of DSR serve as the "opening acts" for the best local lady rockers you've never heard of. A traveling "under card" of sorts. A September Prague show is in the works as well as shows featuring Latoya London's band Urban Punk and Stax Records artist N’dambi.

Is this truly unique (Oakland) approach the beginnings of a new standard? I'll be watching!

Shattuck Down Low
2284 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley

EVOLVE: Soulful Dance Music
House DJ Soul Luciani is on a mission and he is evangelizing for Oakland's house music scene! You know the genre: Soulful dance music marked by repetitive undertones and percussive overlay. Made legendary by DJs/Producers like Louie Vega, Joe Claussel, and Timmy Regisford. Soul believes Oakland is ready for choices and he's ready to lend a hand.

Under a canopy of Old Oakland trees and over tea, he recently explained his belief in Oakland's future as a House Music Mecca. "Oakland is the center of The Bay and therefore, closer to culture and more firmly rooted." "Like Oakland, house is down to earth and open."

The Temple Effect
Luciani talks about the music as a platform for change; for healing. "Like drumming, house music opens the mind and the body. When you leave you feel rejuvenated." "I am creating ambassadors for Oakland", he continues. "This music is is spiritual."

His passion is compelling. It comes from witnessing the healing effects of the music. It all depends on what you want to attract. "Music is a subconscious can talk about negativity or you can talk about love and caring." House makes you high because house music is about changing...about spirituality." That's the temple effect. Partying with HIGHER purpose.

Keep an eye out for parties that bump until sunset. Until then, DJs Soul, David Harness, and Rahiem Jihad set the tone at from 9-2 @ Evolve. It goes down every second Friday at Era Art Bar.

Oakland Stand Up!

Mr. Oakland

Friday, March 4, 2011

The World Is Calling

I told ya'll!
Last year Mr. Oakland introduced you to Oakland-based paintbrush slinger Carly Ivan Garcia. Film, international exhibitions (Miami Basel '09 and '10), and now a NYC show at Fountain NY presented by TINCA.Inc NY. Know it or not, Oakland artists are making moves. The international stage is the goal. Keep doing it Carly! BTW thats me with my first CIG joint.

Who's got next? Bryon Malik.
I met Malik almost 3 years ago @ Tyranny Allen's sneaker box, Verse. (Man I miss that spot!) He instantly let me know what was up, "I'm a professional photographer." Respect. His priorities seemed clear and he believed in his abilities. I thought it might be good to work together in the future.
Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with him on a few successful projects. He has proven to driven and persistent.
He is always pushin' to improve. His momentum and work ethic seems to propel him through space. Think rocket! In homage to the work he loves, Malik shoots his subjects with a high level of respect. "I have put everything that I am into my craft." Because of this deep personal involvement (spiritual even) he becomes one with his subjects. Whether its The People party, a high fashion shoot, or the cataloguing of a private collection of ancient African masks, he exhibits the rare affinity to interact within the moment without becoming the moment.

See and Be @ Remedy Tonight
Capturing life's moments is a priority for Malik. "I create photographic documentaries." His new solo show, "Seeing and Being", is the result of 13 years of honing and fine tuning of his craft. The show will be an excellent opportunity to experience the broad spectrum within B. Malik shoots under. Live performance, still life, outdoor, fashion, and just plain-old random shit.

Opening tonight @ Remedy Cafe 4316 Telegraph Ave. I have fallen in love with this coffee shop! Since Awaken Cafe closed (soon to re-open) I have completely lost myself in this warm, urban cabin on Telegraph. The mix of retro, modern, reused stylings of the cafe should balance well with the angular beauty of the images. I haven't seen the show, but it will be a stop on my magical Murmur tour tonight. It will be my first time seeing it and I know there will be something that speaks to me. When the work speaks, I gotta move on it! You know what I always say? "Love an artist? Feed an artist."

Seeing and Being by Bryon Malik
Remedy Coffee Shop-4316 Telegraph Ave.
Opening Reception: TODAY Friday March 4th 6-9
Show runs through March

After The Show: Head over to Mua's for Midnight Marauders

Ahn and Ahn Ahn and Ah, Ah, and Ahn's Was hanging out with my favorite pregnant person this week. I like pregnant folk: They never slip on a food run. You are guaranteed to get your eat on when a expectant mother's food drive kicks in because she has been planning and plotting the next food move for hours. Shame on me for admitting this, but I had my first Ahn's Quarter pound Burger during that run...OMG!!!! Pastrami Cheesburger w/grilled onions...Phewwwwwwwwwwwww oui!!!! I have no idea why I never stopped @ that little brick hut in the past. I do know I will spend the rest of my life making up for it. Don't be like me, be better than me. Can't wait for my next one. Thank you pregnant lady. Thank you.
Ahn's is located @ 439 Grand Avenue (510) 763-4328

Oakland Stand Up!

Mr. Oakland

Next Time: Hooked On Derby!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Need Of...

"Creativity is Spirit"
I have been feeling pretty stale after all the cold, wet, windy weather we've been having. Just kinda "blah" and neutral. As a result, I haven't felt much like writing. Not due to lack of subject matter, I just didn't want to.

Yeah, I said it. "I didn't feel like it!"

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel pressed in by the city-especially when its cold and rainy. Did I mention windy? "This is The Bay Area. You can drive two hours in any direction and..." Yeah, yeah I know. Not practical. Trust me, this is one of those times when I was just gonna have to stay put!

I needed a healing. I needed to be baptized in the arts. I needed creative inspiration. I had to get out! As a result, I got a chance to mix it up with some of Oakland's brightest. Here's a taste:

Murmurs of Black History Month
I attended the openings of two powerful group shows: Aerosoul 2: Urban Hieroglyphics @ Joyce Gordon Gallery and Black Local: A Collection of Artists Currently Residing in the Bay Area @ Warehouse 416. Two very different approaches for exposing local Black artists. Many many approaches is best. Ya think?

God's on the boulevard building on life
Seeing Black people as celestial beings.


Curator and participating artist, REFA 1, Aerosoul 2 asks, "How do we use our cultural disciplines to heal our neighborhoods and communities?" "writing" is not graffiti. "The lettering is reflective of Black culture." It supports its own "sensibilities and disciplines". This is what attracts the youth of the neighborhood when the artists congregate to complete a project. This is why they want to participate.

He then shares with me how a mural located @ the intersection of 14th & Campbell was so powerful that it caused all negative activities to cease for 2 years. "Creativity is spirit", he continues, "There is serious depression in our communities. The arts is significant in how we go through the process of healing our spirits and souls." These murals create a SAFE ZONE: They represent hope.

It is no surprise then when REFA 1 says, "This (writing)is the fastest growing visual art movement in the world."The Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society is on a mission to show what this artform means to the African American community. After seeing a truly multicultural crowd in attendance during the opening, I am certain the message is being heard. Aerosoul 2 shows through 2/27.

Joyce Gordon, what moved you about this show? "The art is powerful. Besides I grew up with 7 brothers and I love Black men. Anytime I can help them do something positive, I will."

Donate at to assist the Bay Area Aerol Heritage Society in bringing murals to struggling black communities and to raise cultural awareness, and to curb youth violence. Our new mayor should go see Joyce, give her a hug, and thank her for this show. You should too!

"I've Wondered About That Myself"
The show Black Local is the brain trust of Angela Scirvani, owner and curator of Warehouse 416. "My inspiration?", asks Scirvani. "I saw a lack of African American artists showing in Oakland." The Oakland native continues, "My intention was to bring out the Black community to The meet the artists and to build a multicultural (arts community) reflective of the city." So she put out a call to local artists via Craigslist. She also called upon longtime Oakland art activist Randolph Belle founder of www.SupportOakland and organizer of the Art Census for further assistance.

She admits that doing this show is like walking on eggshells..."Black Local is bold." She is aware that she is in an awkward position and she makes no excuses or apologies for doing this show. "I grew up in Oakland and I like people who are real and willing to tell it like it is. When you need that fix, get around some Black folks!" "As a business owner, it also Besides, reaching out makes good business sense since it allows me to expand my client list." You are so right Angela!

Closing reception is today from 5-9pm. Visit the gallery's website for future show info @

The Purpose of MixersWent to the last InOak mixer @ Disco Volante on 14th and Webster. Remember Cafe Katrina? Anyway...this monthly tech-influenced get together has grown into a crowded loud cocktail party. I love it!!! Meeting and connecting with people is the whole point of mixers, right. Just noticed a lot of confused people. Also overheard, "I don't know what this group is, but I heard about it on Facebook and had to come. Sigh...

Speaking of technology...did you see that Oakland-based Pandora is going public the middle of 2011. Oakland ain't high tech enough? Really? Get ready!

Ran into local businessman Michael Bardales, who introduced me to Dr. Mariza Snyder. She and her business partner, Dr. Lauren Chin, have just completed a book entitled "The Antioxidant Counter". I was immediately intrigued. I told you I needed some healing so I'm down to listen to any REASONABLE ideas on improving the effectiveness of my diet. Besides there had to be other foods high in antioxidants that wasn't green tea, pomegranite, or acai berry. The challenge for me was finding a easy way to identify these foods. The healthy food game ain't easy to understand. I found the authors' simple explanation of complex chemical interactions helpful to understanding how my body absorbs nutrients and deals with toxins. I felt armed!

As a Mills gradute in biology and psychology, her goal was to become a medical doctor. "I had my acceptance to medical school and was ready to go." A "casual" referral brought her to a chiropractor to address migraine headaches. "I had had them since I was a child and nothing ever helped." So she had nothing to lose. Almost miraculously, the headaches were gone. "Haven't had one since," she says happily. Talk about life changing experiences. Laughing, she says,"I withdrew my admission to med school and entered chiropractic school instead". She is on a mission to heal. "Our goal at The Specific Chiropractic Center is to help as many people as we can."

Dr.s Snyder and Chin will be launching their new book, "The Antioxidant Counter" this Friday @ 4179 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 210 in Oakland. For more details visit or Dr. Snyder's blog

Got my healing. Just needed some help from my city! Go get yours too!

Oakland Stand Up

Mr. Oakland

Next Up: Bryon Malik's New Show @ Remedy

Friday, January 7, 2011

Optimistic Pessimism aka Holding Out For The Good

I've been waiting for the new year to roll out before I start being optimistic about the new year. Last year was challenging for everyone: Even Mr. Oakland had to tighten that belt up to make it through. With that in mind, I have been slow to jumpin' on that band wagon of new year positivity.

Here we go!

Speaking of Missed Opportunities...
Don't know why you missed The Kenny Hawkins Groovin' Deep Music Project hosted by Charles Blades Barber Spa on December 30th. (See my last dispatch cause I told ya 'bout it!) What was there not to love about this set? Great food, slammin' jazz, special guest violinist and Oakland Public Conservatory faculty member Sandra Poindexter, and a beautiful slice of Oakland Goodness (Oakland folk) ready to soak up the holidays. Oh, did I mention that it was only $10? Standing Room Only! Oakland's jazz traditions are based in the jazz clubs (not ONE club). Look out for intimate venues and rich performances springing up all over The Town. Big Ups and many thank yous to Charles Blades for knowing what's up!

Tuff(y) and Kuhl!

After reflecting on 2010, I realized that I missed some great positive jump off. One missed opportunity was Lil Tuffy's 2nd Annual "Showprints and Art" @ Kuhl Frames + Art. There was no way I was gonna miss the 3rd annual show!

Lil Tuffy is best known for his gig posters. Artists from MC Chris, Maus Haus, Thomas Dolby, Oakland's own Digital Underground, WuTang Clan, and Pavement. His aggressive use of color and space make for some thought provoking and humorous imagery. And because he is a self described member of the "attention deficit disorder generation" (Why is it so easy for me to relate to that?), he has created a prolific body of work influenced by, "1960's Russian matchbooks, Old West WANTED posters, National Park postcards, cocktail napkins, '70s strip club newspaper ads, the history of steel in Pittsburgh, and the atom bomb". The show has over 200 posters.

This KRS One joint was a dream acquisition. Been coveting that one for over 5 years. Big Man Lil Tuffy pointed me in the right direction and I was able to swoop this one up for myself. I know where the last available one resides. If you want it, I can hook that up for you. If you're astonished, don't be. I'm Mr. Oakland!

Since I Love Value
Most posters are in the $40 range. Consult with Travis about custom framing. Archival quality work is the rule. The highest quality and craftsmanship is how Travis does it. There are ready-fit frames to precisely fit the majority of Tuffy's formats as well. Or you can keep running to Ikea and Z Gallery for that mass-produced garbage all your friends keep copping. If more value is required, Tuffy and Travis will be hosting a closing reception January 29th from 5-9 PM. Does free PBR mean anything to ya? Limited edition poster, custom framing, and a free beer? Hmm...just go!

Located right @ the top of Franklin. You know that s-curve that ends @ Broadway?
Travis Kuhl's shop is open and bright; tucked between steel & glass modernity and brick & mortar classic Oakland architecture. Very unexpectedly cool. BTW that's how you pronounce Kuhl. Tell Travis and Tuffy who sent ya!
412 22nd Street
Mon-Fri : 10:30 - 6:00
Sat : 11:00 - 4:00
Sun : Closed

House of Paradiso: Just RELEASE
The Oakland house music scene just received another shot in the arm this past Thursday. Legendary local spinnas DJ fflood and DJ Cecil are at it again with a new weekly lovefest @ Paradiso (2272 Telegraph Avenue). RELEASE promises to satisfy in the tradition of The People, Soulful Sundays, Magic Milkcrates, and New Life. A two-level party with soulful house upstairs and dance hall downstairs. These DJs are skilled, diverse, and eclectic. Look for the dynamic duo to tag team on the sets throughout the evening. Every Thursday from 9PM-2AM RELEASE should satisfy your midweek dance jones.

Don't forget to tell the DJs and Mesfin Mr. Oakland sent you!

Until next time,

Oakland Stand Up!

Mr. Oakland