Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Parking Ticket Trip

Hey Oakland,
Recently I had to deal with a parking ticket. No big deal except that I just couldn't bear the thought of paying to park so I could address a parking ticket. That just seems so wrong. So in classic Oakland fashion, I revolted!

I parked near Jack London Square within the warehouse district (4 hour limit) and decided to take The Free B up Broadway. I have to say that I truly love the "f" word. There's just something about the way the word just rolls off the tongue and makes me feel so good. Go ahead. Say it with me: Free. Electric!

My first stop was Charles Blades Barber Spa @ 180 2nd St for positive conversation about jazz, Oakland politics and the Arts. While there he turned me on to this holiday jazz event taking place on December 30th.!/event.php?eid=136746066378978&index=1

I missed the last show. Not this time.

For a crazy creamy killer cappuccino made from coffee roasted on premise, I made my way to Blue Bottle Coffee @ 3rd & Webster Speaking of BBC (sorry Pharrell), next time you stop in, have a latte made with Ethiopian Amaro Gayo. You can taste hints of blueberry muffins. For real? For real! Also hit them up for a (say it with me again) free cupping (think wine tasting, but with coffee) on Tuesdays and Sundays @ 2 PM-my biz partner LaShan and me are attending on 12/21...come with us.

I was ready to hit The Free B and head up Broadway, except that Roli Roti (divine) decided to set-up shop on the curb out front serving roasted meat creations. Could this be a divine sign? Fresh roasted coffee and fresh roasted meat? Given the flexibility offered me by my 4 hour parking window, I deduced the following: 1. Buy a sandwich 2. Walk it off by skipping the B & head up Broadway to Frank Ogawa by foot. "Hmmm", I had the Roast Pork Loin w/Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich. Back Story: I grew up in a household that deemed pork as an abomination. You know, the usual. High blood pressure, cholesterol, and the "unclean" meat thing. That may all be true, but damn! Ok pork is bad except this sandwich and, of course, bacon. Put one of these sandwiches on your bucket list. It won't kill you. I'm just sayin'! Divine intervention indeed!

After making a quick stop @ RiteAid for some much needed H2O, I headed across Broadway to the parking office. I was greeted by the sweetest security attendant in THE WORLD City of Oakland Oak sticker. Branded swag? I thought we were in the midst of a recession? Do it Oakland! With my stickr proudly pasted on my jacket, I headed up to the parking office where I was promptly serviced. I was back @ the bus stop on 14th and Broadway within 10 minutes. It was a happy ride back to JLS on The Free B. Beautiful!

The best $10 I've spent on parking in many years. And no ticket!

Stuff like this happens to me cause I'm Mr. Oakland. It can happen for you too. Just keep reading my inconsistent dispatches and I'll keep you up on game...see you in the streets!

For Free B schedule and a route map visit Aunt Clara via the attached link.

Oakland Stand Up!

Mr. Oakland

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  1. that looks so good. thats a damn sandwich. im 2 seconds from getting on the train over there...