Thursday, December 2, 2010

Aima The Dreamer/Jazz Mafia Hookup for Tomorrow Friday 12/3

Alright now Oakland!!!

Mr. Oakland here to share what we love the most in life: A Damn Good Hookup!!

The Show:
Jazz Mafia featuring (Oakland's own) Aima The Dreamer
The Craneway Pavilion
1414 Harbour Way South
Richmond, CA 94804

Been noticing the buzz on Jazz Mafia for over a year and had a hard time believing what I was hearing: A 43 piece hip hop big band? That's right, a Hip Hop BIG Band performing an original hip hop symphony "Brass Bows and Beats".

Just downloaded some free music from their website: Yessir!! I have been dying for an epic hip hop production that involved live music for a long time. No offense to the Kev Choice Ensemble, but 43 pieces? Come on! You know Ellington, Basie, and Hampton wish they could come back for this!

So when my girl Aima The Dreamer informed me that she was on the bill I knew I was done.

About Aima:
I first saw her perform @ DJ Black's Halloween party. Is it possible to turn a party out with just two songs? Well she rocked it and I'm in love with her music! Her latest release "The Dreamer Mixtape" , produced by J Boogie, is NICE NICE NICE. J Boog put his foot in it.

Mr. Oakland has some Oakland love to share with YOU!
I have limited guest list privileges to share, courtesy of Aima. so hit me up by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT with names to add. Just send an email with "AIMA THE DREAMER/JAZZ MAFIA" in the subject to and you're in!

Get with it and get there. This will be a holiday show NOT TO BE MISSED!

For more on Aima The Dreamer visit

Check out Jazz Mafia at

For info on The Craneway Pavilion visit

To prove that there is no such thing as an overnight sensation, here is a video featuring Aima, J Boogie, and Jazz Mafia from 2008. Ya mean?

Oakland Stand Up (& Sign Up)!

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